Wasp stings, poison ivy, snakes and trail magic . . .

Finally got to catch up with Mouse and meet her trail family.  We had a good visit.  I’ll back up a little and pick up from where she left off with her pictures and videos:

August 6th, mile 827.8 Wawayanda Shelter


Pennsylvania has had a ton of trail magic.  The 3 guys that Mouse is hiking with have family close around the area and they have been spoiling them.  Family members have met them with food, taken them off trail, brought them more food, helped with resupply, given them places to stay . . . just a plethora of assistance.  I know it’s much appreciated by Mouse, much appreciated by her parents also.  The picture above was when Missions family took them to their house.

August 8th, mile 852.4 Wooden Tower

The pictures below are the sunset the night of the 8th at Wooden Tower, PA and then the sunrise the morning of the 9th also at Wooden Tower, PA



 August 9th, mile 883.2 Catfish Tower Lookout



August 10th, mile 896.1 Delaware Water Gap



August 11th, mile 912.6 Hahns Overlook


So this is the ‘what the heck’ look from Mouse and D.  Apparently a woman who was going to day hike wanted to start at the trail head but needed her car where she would finish.  So, she gave her keys to 2 complete strangers, Mouse and D, and asked them to drive her car to where she would finish her hike, park it and leave the keys. So they obliged and with a quick stop at Dunkin for iced coffee, dropped off her car, left the keys and got back on the AT.  So weird


August 13th, mile 932.9 Eckville Shelter


                                                                                                                                                                         August 14th mile 971.6 Hamburg PA

Pennsylvania is beautiful to drive through and also to hike.  Some hikers call it Rocksylvaina because of the large pointed rocks that you have to hike over.  Mouse says it’s a great state to hike and she has really enjoyed her time there.  Of course this year in PA she has been picked up several times by family of the hikers she’s with, so the food and company might have something to do with her enjoyment!!!

This is how we usually pick Mouse and her friends up . . . dirty, hungry, bug bites, smelly, rashes, scratches you name it!!!  Then, this is how we help them recharge . . . rest, food, resupply, showers, clean clothes, did I mention food?  Lots of food and maybe a few drinks, some TV and some more rest.


And back into the woods they go.  It was a great trip.  Hopefully all are full, clean and well rested.  Next comes the half way point at mile 1094.6 and then Harpers Ferry, WV where The Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) is located.   They have several resources there to help the hikers in many ways.  The town is located where the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers meet at the corner of PA, WV and MD   It’s a quaint, historic town.  We got to drive through and have lunch, but I would love to take a few days to check it all out in the near future.  Happy trail Mouse, half of the trail behind you and the next half in front!










Things are good, everything’s great

July 29th, mile 708.7 Ceasar Brook Campsite



July 30th, mile 722.7 Mt.  Algo  Shelter

So new shoes were needed at mile 700, which is right on schedule.  Mouse has stacked up 3 new pairs of shoes she purchased before she left for me to mail when needed.  I’m thinking they are very needed at this point.  She wants to get around 700 miles on each pair so the first pair cooperated.

July 31st, mile 740.8 Pawling NY


So some creative genius at this deli made a veggie sandwich with hash browns on it!!  Whoa, why haven’t we thought of this earlier??  Let’s put it on the menu again soon!!






August 2nd, mile765.7 Clarence Fahnestock State Park



A wasp sting! OUCH  There’s some video, it stung her while she was hiking.  She’s walking, talking and then you hear screams and the phone shows trees then goes blank.  I thought she fell.  I text her ‘wtheck, are you ok?  You gotta send me a follow up so I know what happened.’  She did, she’s laughing and says ‘so I’m not sure where that video cut off, but I just got stung by a wasp and freaked out.’





Some times a guy likes to just look pretty while hiking on the Appalachian trail.






August 3rd, mile 783.7 Hemlock Springs Campsite


August 4th, mile 801 Fingerboard Shelter

Crossing the Hudson River, NY into Bear Mountain





This is Stones aka Whitney.  Sarra and Whitney worked together at REI.  Stones started her thru-hike Northbound in March with her friend Sticks (get it Sticks n Stones, ha).  So at mile 801 for Mouse and 1387 for Sticks they finally crossed paths at Fingerboard Shelter and got to spend some time together.  How cool was that?

August 5th, mile 817.8 Greenwood Lake NY


It’s still the theme of this hike, everything’s good.  I seriously don’t have much to put into words because things are just cruising right along.  She’s in New Jersey right now.  Mouse has gotten picked up a few times by family from the people she’s hiking with, so she’s gotten several good meals, showers and beds!!  Can’t beat that.  We head out on the 14th and drive east to where ever she will be then, I’m guessing somewhere in Pennsylvania.  We have no plans . . . looking forward to see where we’ll end up.  We want to follow her for a few days so she can slack pack with out her backpack and pick her up each evening.  Happy Trails Mouse, you’re almost half way!!