Zero, zero, hike, zero, zero

Mouse only hiked about 77 miles in 10 days, of course I say that from the comfort of my couch!  I’ve hiked 0 miles in 10 days.  But, she’s waited on the guys, some friends from home came to visit and for the first time in 2 years she not only took a double 0, she did it twice!  She sure was ready to hike and sleep in the woods though.  Here are some current pictures and a few videos of the past few days.

September 15, Mile 1477 Campbell Shelter


September 16, Mile 1487 Four Pines Hostel




September 17, Mile 1487 Four Pines Hostel


September 18, Mile 1487 Four Pines Hostel

September 19, Mile 1510 Sarver Hollow Shelter



September 21, Mile 1531 Bailey Gap




September 22, Mile 1554 Holy Cross Hostel


September 23, Mile 1554 Holy Cross Hostel


September 24, Mile 1554 Holy Cross Hostel


There ya go, another week on the Appalachian Trail.  Mouse is back with D and Worm now.  She only has about 600 miles left.  I know that sounds like a lot and it is.  But, when you see it on the AT map and think about how many miles she’s hiked, she’s definitely in the home stretch.  She’s meeting her hiking buddies from last year in the next few weeks.  That will be a great reunion.  And I imagine we’ll be heading to Georgia in about a month to pick her up.  But let’s not get ahead, can’t wait to see pictures from the next 600 miles.  Last year Mouse hiked the southern area in the spring and all the trees were bare.  This year is will be fall and I’m sure the colors will be spectacular.  We’re looking forward to those pictures.  Enjoy the next few weeks Mouse, happy trails . . .

Pennsylvania to Virginia

Boy, it’s been a month since we met Mouse and her trail family.  Sorry for the long span in post, I haven’t received pictures or a lot of phone calls.  She’s been hiking, we’ve been packing boxes, life has just been cruising along.  To get you up to date, Mouse has had her third wasp/hornet sting, she’s on her third round of prednisone for poison ivy/oak, she’s had a cold, had a bear sighting and has lost about 10 pounds.  But guess what . . . still lovin the trail life.  A true thru-hiker!!  She hiked ahead from the guys for a few days, met up with them in Waynesboro VA, then D and Worm stayed back to do some work for cash.  So, for the past few days it’s been just her and Mission.  They guys have told her to slow down so they can catch up.  She’s past the Roanoke VA area and has less than 700 miles to go.  I’ve posted all the pictures and videos I have right now.  In another month or so we’ll be making the drive to GA to pick her up . . . crazy!

August 20, Boiling Springs PA


August 25, Dahlgren Backpack Camp Mile 1148.8


August 27, Stoney Brook Organic Farm Mile 1166

September 2, Pass Mountain Hut Mile 1246.5




September 6, Calf Mountain Shelter Mile 1320





September 9, Maupin Field Shelter Mile 1348.6

September 10, Seeley-Woodworth Shelter Mile 1369


September 11, Brown Mountain Creek Mile 1384

September 13, Bryant Ridge Shelter Mile 1407


September 14, Wilson Creek Shelter Mile 1450.4


I have to leave you with this video, I just love it when Sarra gets passionate about things.  The topic is universal in todays world.  Why can’t you just be a hiker she asks? In todays world I always wonder the same, why we can’t all just be people, we’re all human, why the labels??  Anyway, love it when she’s feisty and fed up so I had to share . . . .