Beautiful Autumn views and failing feet!

Well, Mouse is down to the last 3 states.  I think they’ve been the hardest because after 1200 miles on one pair of shoes they broke down.  Her new shoes were in the mail when the old ones started coming apart.  Due to bad timing of requesting/mailing the shoes, she had blisters worse than ever.  So bad, she had to get off trail for 4 days and see a doctor.  They were huge and infected.  It was a good news/bad news moment though.  Infected blisters were of course the bad news. The good news is it happened in the Smoky Mountains where her good friend who she hiked with last works.  So Vulture took her off trail to her place and drove her  wherever she needed to go.  We can’t thank her enough.  More on that story later.  Here’s the latest pictures and videos.

October 18, Mile 1889 Jerry Cabin Shelter




October 19, Mile 1900.6 Off Trail


October 20, Mile 5.4 Hot Springs NC



Exact same type and color of shoe, but one has 1200 hiked miles and the other is new!

October 22, Mile 1952 Davenport Gap Shelter



October 23, Mile 1979 Icewater Spring Shelter

October 24, Mile 1982 Gatlinburg TN



Stay tuned, the feet issue only gets worse!  We learned that shredded shoes equal shredded feet!  So, since she took 4 days off, her hiking buddies were at the end of the Smokys.  So in order to finish the hike with them and to reach Springer Mountain together, Vulture drove her forward to meet the guys. She missed about 50 hiking miles, but later when her feet have healed she’ll go back and hike the miles missed.  Definitely a climatic ending   Since getting back on trail she’s been hiking the last 100+ miles with one shoe and one sandal.  The blister is so large she cant get a shoe on.


But, if you know Sarra she will crawl to the finish!!!  Our next post will be on the final few days and reaching Spring Mountain.  We’re coming to the last few pages of the second AT chapter.


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