Wow, haven’t shared any information in what seems like forever.  So much has happened, I don’t know where to start!  When we last posted, it was October of 2016 and Mouse had golf ball size, infected blisters on her heels and couldn’t get a shoe on, let alone hike!!  Long story short, don’t want to give away the ending – but I am because we have a ton of information to share.  So, Mouse finished the last 207 miles of her 2nd AT hike with one trail shoe and one Wal-Mart slipper!!  We picked her up from Springer Mountain,  Georgia and got her home to take care of her feet.  She rested up and got a job at Perfect North Slopes, where she also learned to snow ski.  Around Christmas, she flew to New Jersey to visit D (Duncan) cause we all just knew that they were gonna be together (insert hearts).  Then, he came to visit her in February on his way to Colorado.  A month later, I was driving Sarra to Colorado in her Chevy Tracker and then flew back.   They both worked at Arapaho Basin Ski Area and lived  in the Chevy Tracker for about a year.  Worked a few seasons (winter and summer), hiked all summer and skied all winter (and got to be super good I’ll say).  Then, they upgraded their home to a GMC Safari Mini-Van and once the A-Basin closed for the season they took off on a road trip around Colorado, went to Lubec Maine, drove to Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, Portland Oregon and eventually ended up in Seattle Washington where a friend drove them north so they could start at the Canada/Washington border hiking south bound on the Pacific Crest Trail.  There ya go, you’re all caught up and that is where our story is going to pick up – stay tuned for the next blog.  For now, I’m going to put up some pictures so you can see what the last year and a half was like.

So here is Mouse at the end of  her 2016 Thru-Hike #2, southbound from Maine-Georgia:

img_2170     img_2195


img_2193     img_2182

So it was a happy tears reunion, I was so proud of her and I think she just melted into my arms so glad to be done.  What a trek this was, broken trekking poles, she had bee and wasp bites, poison ivy almost the entire way, terrible infected blisters and finished in a Wal-Mart slip on shoe! Mouse is for sure Mighty Mouse on the trail.


While Mouse was busy on the trail, we were busy moving into a new house in a different city.  So we took her to her new home, got new jobs, celebrated the holidays and a new year!!

img_22551                img_4344  img_4364

Of course over the next few months Duncan and Sarra spent quite a bit of time on the phone and got to visit each other a few times. All while planning a move to Colorado together.

img_2620    img_2326

Next came the big move to Summit County in Colorado.  We packed up her Chevy Tracker and hit Interstate 70 headed west!  It was the best road trip ever!  Great music, food and company.  We met Duncan in Denver so they could drive on out to Summit County and I flew back to Indiana.  They both started working at Arapaho Basin and skied, skied, skied!!  When summer rolled around they hiked, hiked hiked . . . .

img_3374   img_4687



When the season ended at Arapaho Ski area this June they took a road trip around Colorado, visited family in Maine, headed west and stopped at the Utah Salt Flats, Portland Oregon and then Seattle Washington.

img_4907P   img_4926   img_50171   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


There you  have it folks, your all caught up.  A year and 10 months wrapped up nicely in a WordPress blog!  But what’s next you ask?  Well, let me give you a little teaser and the reason we’ve started this blog again.  Here’s a little hint . . .


The trio of Mouse aka Sarra, D aka Duncan and Worm aka Shawn are hitting the trail again.  This time it’s 2,650 miles of the PCT, the Pacific Crest Trail through Washington, Oregon and California . . .  They started at the Canada border on July 6th so stay tuned and I’ll get you all caught up next time.  Happy Trails . . . .





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