Northern California

I finally found some time to get you caught up on Mouse, D and Worm.  They have been crushing California.  The state is so long, around 1700 miles of the PCT, we’re going to divide it up in thirds to talk about: Northern, Central and Southern.  I haven’t been diligent in taking notes while talking to Mouse, plus we actually don’t connect as much as I would like (says every mother of an twenty-something adult child).  But, she is sending beautiful scenery pictures so that’s always a great treat.

So Northern California is around 408 miles. Let’s pick up our hike blog there.  She called on August 24th, they were hanging out in Ashland OR at Callahan’s Restaurant and County Store.  They had dinner there and ended up sleeping on the lawn. A guy named Bazoka Joe had picked them up when they hitched into Ashland and he told them to call if they needed anything, so when they were ready to hitch back they gave him a call.  Bazoka Joe obliged and loaded them all up in his tiny truck cab.  We always do the best part/worst part when we talk and for this area she said the best was Crater Lake and the volcano landscape.  Just walking over the lava rocks made you appreciate the area and the history.  The worst part was her feet, always the feet!  She said they are fat, flat and wide haha.  She’s wearing a pair of Solomon trail runners that she got out of a hikers box.  So back on trail to attack the big state of California!!

On to Seiad Valley CA mile 996 (almost to 1k)

August 28, 2018 Canyon Creek Trail, mile 1028


August 29/30, 2018 Etna CA mile 1052

Mouse called from Etna today – everything is going good, it’s a town day and gearing up for the Sierra Mountains soon, which will be a challenge.  Shoes are doing good, she had a sore throat and a little achy, but felt better the next day.  Hiking has been great, view are fabulous and the changes in the views and ecosystem are welcomed.  They’ve picked up a bear canister, which is required in the Sierra’s/Yosemite.  If you don’t have one they will kindly escort you out, we don’t want that!  They aren’t passing many North Bounders, most are already up in the Oregon/Washington area finishing up their hikes.  She’s been having a lot of muscle spasms when when she lays down for the night.  We think she is just getting dehydrated and needs to take in more liquid.


September 2, 2018 called from Shasta CA mile 1105

So around September 3, for the first time they came upon a trail closure due to fire.  There had been numerous fires around them and they encountered lots of smoke, but hadn’t yet been diverted because of one being so close.


September 4, 2018 Burney Falls, mile 1235

Well gang – hate to cut this short but Mama Mouse is on the way to Cancun for my own adventure! So I got’s to get packed!! About a month ago I did get to go out to California and visit the hikers, which was a great few days.  That’s where we’ll start up next time – Central California and the High Sierra’s – it’s a blog you won’t want to miss, I promise.  Happy trails . . . .



One thought on “Northern California

  1. What an accomplishment! Every step. Every view. Every ache. Every break. What a dream to be living! I’m very happy for you. All three of you! May God fill you all with health and joy! I know from the pictures you see His beauty! May you experience His closeness and love! 💓💓💓 a heart for each of you! Love, Pat Johnson


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