Central California

Holy hiking Mouse followers, they’re through central California!!  We’re making plans for the end of the 2,658 mile PCT hike.  Not to get ahead of the story, but it’s coming up soon.  Here I go again, getting excited and ahead of the miles.  First, let me tell you that as I sat down to type this up I couldn’t find all my notes I took when Mouse called, so this might be a picture blog!!  I only talked to her a couple times during the central California section since it was so remote, we’ll see if I can maybe ‘wing’ it.

We’re going to start in Quincy California.  That’s where I flew out to hang with them for a couple days.  Let me tell you, it was no small feet to get there.  I flew out from Cincinnati around noon, had a layover in Texas and arrived at the Sacramento Airport around 7:00.  Got to my rental car and took off for a 3 hour drive into the mountains.  The first couple hours were traveled roads, only went through one town and then hit the mountains for the last hour.  It was pitch black, switch-back roads, couldn’t pick up anything on the radio and occasionally I would have to pull over to let a huge logging truck pass.  Needless to say by the time I got to the hotel my hands had dug into the steering wheel, I had no idea where I was, I was hungry and had to pee . . . BUT, could not contain my excitement when I got to the room and there was Mouse, D and Worm, all cleaned up, just watching a movie and eating snacks.  Quincy was a great, old fashion, little logging/ mining town.  No fast food or drive-thru, just good ole fashion home-cooking restaurants.  For two days we ate, drank, walked, watched movies and got the hikers cleaned up, fed, restocked and rested.  Always the goal when we meet!




Brought Sarra some new shoes, socks and a shirt to replace her threadbare, rag of a shirt she had been wearing since the start in July!!  It was a wonderful 2 days, then dropped them off back on the trail and I started driving through that crazy mountain!  It was a little better in the daylight, but I did have a detour that rattled me a little.


September 15, 2018 – Big Creek Road, mile 1393

Back into the woods they go, I fly home and they’re into the central part of California of the PCT. The next big adventure on the trail is the High Sierras.

September 20, 2018 – Donner Pass, mile 1503

September 22, 2018 – Gilmore Lake, mile 1553




September 27, 2018 – Humboldt-Taiyabe National Forrest, mile 1663


September 28-October 1, Yosemite National Park


Gotta include this wonderful tribute to Duncan’s mom Melissa in honor of her 60th Birthday!  How many moms get to be serenaded by thru-hikers on the top of mountains? Happiest of Birthdays Melissa!

Next up was the High Sierras.  They packed 6 days of food and it actually took 10 days to get through. She said the last few days they were rationing food and for a couple days all she had was pop tarts and oatmeal. I didn’t talk to her during those 10+ days since there was no cell service.

Around that time when I got her Spot text with the coordinates it showed them no where near the trail. I must admit I panicked a bit.  I thought ‘are they lost? If they are do they know they’re lost?’  I ended up calling Duncan’s dad on my way to work to see what his thoughts were.  Luckily we were both on the same page thinking that they were off trail walking towards the town of Independence.  Later that day I got a quick text from Sarra and that’s exactly where they were headed.  Duncan’s dad and brother were flying out the next day and meeting them.  After a strenuous hike through the Sierra’s they took about a week off and hiked Mount Whitney (just for fun!), relaxed, ate and rested up for southern California.

Folks around October 23rd they crossed into Southern California! I got a call that they were in Kennedy Meadows which means around 700 miles to complete their hike and get to the Mexican boarder.  You’re all caught up! Next post we’ll finish the hike through California and the end of the Pacific Crest Trail, stay tuned . . . . Happy Trails!




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